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Volunteering is vital to a just society, fostering civic responsibility, participation and interaction. It strengthens communities by increasing their capacity to identify and respond to human needs. Volunteering creates ownership of the community, its assets and needs among the people who live and work there. Volunteering creates relationships at the institutional and personal level that are a vital part of the fabric of the community.
Today, volunteers are on the forefront of much of the resource mobilization, relationship building, impact agenda setting and other key United Way functions. They are tutors, mentors, budget counselors, United Way campaign managers, community advocates and many others who give freely of their time and talent to impact education, income and health in our communities.
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About Get Connected

In an effort to increase the collaboration, connections, and relationships among local non-profits and community members, United Way is excited to introduce the online volunteer and donor opportunity system called “Get Connected.”  

Get Connected is an easy-to-use web-based platform that matches the right donors, advocates, and volunteers with the right opportunities in our neighborhoods.  

Use Get Connected to find ways to give your unused materials and household items to agencies in need of donations, advocate for causes that require your passionate voice, and volunteer your time in ways that make a real difference. 

Watch This Video About Get Connected! 

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